One step at a time: Phase 2 of TFMS upgrade completed

It’s a baby step, but a step nonetheless. In this press release from Computer Sciences Corp., the tech giant reports it has completed an upgrade of the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System. CSC says the system “integrates real-time weather and flight data from multiple sources, provides centralized communications, enhanced security, initial relational database constructs and centralized system management.” We’d be interested to know just how advanced these “initial” constructs are.

So what is TFMS? In a nutshell, the system allows controllers to quickly initiate “reroute scenarios” based on weather and other disruptions to normal traffic flow, and then communicate key instructions to airlines.

Some background: The contract included three base years and four two-year options with an estimated total value of $589 million. CSC is among the top 10 tech contractors serving the U.S. government; its total revenue for the 12 months ending July 2008 was $17 billion.


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