FAA convenes Runway Safety Council

The FAA, pursuing its stated goal of prioritizing runway safety, has convened a new expert group to develop a broad set of recommendations on the issue. (FAA press release). In the announcement, the agency is making it clear that it is empahsizing cultural change:

The goal of the council is to fundamentally change the existing safety culture and move toward a proactive management strategy that involves different segments of the aviation industry. [..]
A coordinated, systemic approach is necessary because serious runway incursions are seldom caused by a single factor. The current culture separates responsibility for incursions into different categories: operational errors by controllers, pilot deviations or vehicle or pedestrian deviations. Investigations into those incidents are conducted by different parts of the agency, depending on which category is responsible.

A laundry list of groups and associations are represented on the council, including NACTA, ALPA, ATA, AAAE, AOPA, NAFI, NBAA, and several others. For a deeper look at the state of U.S. runway safety including current statistics, check out the FAA’s fact sheet.

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