Want to see what JPDO is up to? New website lets you dig deep

A very interesting venture by the JPDO to give the public access to a series of key documents and road maps, using a highly dynamic (if slightly confusing) website.

There’s so much to explore, one hardly knows where to begin, but one thing that caught our eye was a list of “19 objectives” that a new airspace system should fulfill:

• Retain role as world leader in aviation
• Reduce costs of aviation
• Enable services tailored to traveler and shipper needs
• Encourage performance-based, harmonized global standards for U.S. products and services
• Maintain aviation’s record as safest mode of transportation
• Improve level of safety of U.S. air transportation system
• Increase level of safety of worldwide air transportation system
• Provide for common defense while minimizing civilian constraints
• Coordinate a national response to threats
• Ensure global access to civilian airspace
• Satisfy future growth in demand and operational diversity
• Reduce transit time and increase predictability
• Minimize impact of weather and other disruptions
• Reduce noise, emissions, and fuel consumption
• Balance aviation’s environmental impacts with other societal objectives
• Mitigate new and varied threats
• Ensure security efficiently serves demand
• Tailor strategies to threats, balancing costs and privacy issues
• Ensure traveler and shipper confidence in system security

We’re not sure we’ve seen the goals of NextGen summarized quite in this way before. Seems like it could be a compelling counterweight to the sometimes simplistic focus on ADS-B.

(Thanks to our friends at the JPDO for the heads-up about the site.!)



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2 responses to “Want to see what JPDO is up to? New website lets you dig deep

  1. 4nextgen

    This somewhat “confusing” website may well become the focus of the NextGen debate, allowing stakeholders to way in on what is needed to enable NextGen, and when it will be required. It could break through the barriers of business as usual, pet projects, and organizational myopia. The JPDO could be well on its way to achieving the 19 objectives with a bit more user friendly website.

  2. rpearce61

    The objectives that are listed in the article (and contained in the Joint Planning Environment) can be found in the original Next Generation Air Transportation System Integrated Plan. The plan was produced in response to NextGen and JPDO’s originating legislation (Public Law 108-176, sec 709 & 710) and lays out the goals, objectives and strategies to achieve NextGen. Published in December 2004, it is still a very good reference on NextGen.

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