Industry groups submit their X-mas list to Congress

A coalition of aerospace groups has written to congressional leaders, requesting a laundry list of credits and investments that would help large industry players. Signed by AOPA president-elect Craig Fuller, the letter asks for:

  • $1 billion for the Airport Improvement Program
  • $3 billion to fund NextGen avionics (i.e. ADS-B transceivers, etc.)
  • Elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax on certain airport bonds
  • Extension of tax incentives for aircraft purchases through 2011
  • Early phase-in of planned tax incentives for domestic manufacturing
  • A permanent R&D tax credit

The AOPA has a summary of the letter here; you can find the full text PDF here.

Among the signatories: the AIA, ATA, ACC, ACI-NA, AAAE, CAA, GAMA, NBAA, Nat’l Association of State Aviation Officials, and the RAA.


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