EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Charlie Leader, Director, Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO)

In our continuing series of exclusive interviews with NextGen newsmakers, we’re pleased to present an in-depth conversation with Charlie Leader, Director of the JPDO.

Some quotes:

We need to make more progress with the net-centric operations piece. The aviation information-sharing infrastructure that underpins this is just critical. We’ve made frustratingly slow progress in that area, but I think we’re poised to have that change fairly dramatically.

There’s been criticism in the past that the JPDO has created these incredibly complex plans that are not accessible to people. I think, first of all, to criticize the complexity is relatively naïve, because this is an incredibly complex project.

We have an expression in JPDO — we say that agencies are playing budget chicken. So the FAA will say, “Well, we don’t really have a requirement for that, so we’re not going to pay for it, but if DoD will pay for it, we’ll use it.” And DoD will say, “Well, we don’t really need it – actually, it looks to us like you need it.”

To read the entire interview, click here.


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