Industry Task Force to weigh in on NextGen

AIN’s Andrew Wood has a look at the RTCA’s NextGen Implementation Task Force, which is charged with evaluating the FAA’s ATC modernization plans:

The task force membership, representing 24 separate organizations–of which only the FAA, NASA and the DOD are government agencies–held its first meeting on February 11, at which NBAA air traffic services director Bob Lamond and Northwest Airlines’ Lorne Cass presented their review of the FAA’s plan. Lamond and Cass also serve on RTCA’s long established Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee and worked with FAA officials during the plan’s drafting process.

Lamond told AIN, “NBAA is excited about participating in this effort to increase capacity, efficiency and safety in the NAS. Our focus will be on recommending capabilities providing the greatest benefit in airspace and airport access.” At the same time, he emphasized that association members were especially interested in short- term solutions to “maximize equipment already installed in aircraft or on the ground that are underutilized due to a lack of procedures, policy or certification paths.”


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