Missing a catering cart? In-flight meal too cold? New IT automation project wants to fix that.

A technology initiative supported by Airbus and the German government wants to change the way that in-flight meals make their way to your seat.

From the press release:

The project, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany), and being run in conjunction with Airbus, EADS and the Fraunhofer Institute, will create a system that drives operational efficiency in airline catering logistics and their supporting processes. The innovative system will track individual food trolleys allocated to specific aircraft, locate misplaced trolleys, and allow airlines to offer a better service to passengers, such as offering a wider choice of menus on flights. [..]

Dr. Giles Nelson, Senior Director of Strategy, Progress Software commented: “This is a really exciting project for us to be involved in, and one that is going to have a dramatic effect on airline catering logistics. We envisage that once the system is fully operational, not only will cost savings be realized, but passengers will obtain a range of benefits, including being able to order a meal just before the flight, specifying what time during the flight it is served to them and even being able to specify how hot the meal should be.”


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