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Call for papers on crew/ground integration

Thanks to Guy Boy from the Florida Inst. of Technology for his heads-up about an interesting conference happening in late 2010.  HCI-Aero — a symposium organized under the auspices of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition will be looking at the future of crew-ground interaction from both an aeronautics and a spaceflight perspective.  Many of the topics have great relevance to NextGen, i.e.:

  • Automation and authority distribution
  • Mission/trip planning and trajectory management
  • Interacting in a 4D world
  • UAV traffic integration
  • New concepts of operations, separation modes

hci_aero 2010

The call for papers and workshop/panel/demo proposals has just been published here; most submissions are due in April 2010.

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Visualizing NextGen concepts for a general audience

Airspace capacity estimator - 2030

As anyone who has ever tried to explain NextGen to friends or family knows, it’s not always easy to communicate NAS capacity issues to a lay audience.

I’ve gotten interested in how information graphics and rich web scripting tools can help make some of these concepts more approachable.  Here’s my first experiment, a simple app that allows you to play with factors that may contribute to capacity needs in 2030.

Move the sliders, and see how the factors affect passenger counts, ATC operations, delays, etc.

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