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Conference: “Beyond SOA and Cloud”

NextGen will be front and center at a fascinating one-day conference in Washington DC on February 10, 2010.

The event is called “Beyond SOA and Cloud: Next Generation Information Exchange in High Consequence Environments”, and is hosted by the DC chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

JPDO is collaborating with the event organizers and has contributed a case study focusing on NextGen.  Meanwhile, speakers will include Michael T. Jones (Google’s Chief Technology Advocate) as well as a number of leaders from the world of government IT (list here).

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Call for papers on crew/ground integration

Thanks to Guy Boy from the Florida Inst. of Technology for his heads-up about an interesting conference happening in late 2010.  HCI-Aero — a symposium organized under the auspices of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition will be looking at the future of crew-ground interaction from both an aeronautics and a spaceflight perspective.  Many of the topics have great relevance to NextGen, i.e.:

  • Automation and authority distribution
  • Mission/trip planning and trajectory management
  • Interacting in a 4D world
  • UAV traffic integration
  • New concepts of operations, separation modes

hci_aero 2010

The call for papers and workshop/panel/demo proposals has just been published here; most submissions are due in April 2010.

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Tuesday May 19: Randy Babbitt’s nomination hearing

Don’t miss Tuesday’s nomination hearing at the Senate Commerce Committee. Besides FAA Administrator-designate Randy Babbitt, who will surely have to field questions related to the Colgan Air crash as well as NextGen, the nominee list includes White House Chief Technology Officer-designate Aneesh Chopra.

The hearing is scheduled for 11am; you can find more info here — plus, a webcast link should appear 15 minutes before the hearing begins.

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ATCA tech symposium: first impressions

Last week’s ATCA technical symposium in Atlantic City drew a large and interested crowd, and Fly NextGen was along for the ride. The event covered a lot of ground — so much so, it’s hard to know where to begin. (A PDF version of the agenda is here.)

We’ll explore a few different topics over a series of posts, but one presentation that stood out was that of Dr. Aslaug Haraldsdottir, who is a technical fellow with the Boeing ATM avionics team. Several of the graphics from Dr. Haraldsdottir’s presentation are worth sharing — first, here’s a look at how Boeing sees the market for highly equipped aircraft growing in the next 15 years  (click to enlarge):


The jump from 19,000 to 36,000 is quite remarkable — of course, Boeing isn’t saying how many seats (or how much gross weight) are distributed among those aircraft.

Also, Dr. Haraldsdottir laid out Boeing’s priority list of aircraft capabilities, correlated to key market drivers and the necessary buildout on the ground to achieve each functionality (click to enlarge):


We feel that Boeing is to be commended for its transparency and leadership role on these topics.  While it takes guts to divulge what some might consider to be strategic information and insights, there is an strong need for clear signs from the top industry players right now.

The more people open their hand and put their cards on the table, the more confidence will be generated among policymakers and large customers — and we believe that this, in turn,  can help accelerate the equipage timeline.

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NextGen events for 2009: avionics and more

A few conferences and events with a NextGen focus are emerging for Q1 2009:

  • JPDO is holding an “all-hands” meeting at NASA HQ on February 5.
  • The 7th annual Avionics conference is being held March 11-12 in Amsterdam with a fair amount of content related to NextGen. Military + Aerospace Electronics has a good overview; the full program is here. Speakers include Mark Ballin from NASA Langley, Lars Lindberg from AVTECH Sweden, Philip Clinch from SITA (Switzerland), Julio Ferreira from Embraer, and others.
  • Aviation Week is hosting an ADS-B Management Forum in Washington DC on March 26-27. Details here.

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