NextGen Acronyms


ACARS – Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACTD – Advanced Concept Technology Development
ADS-B – Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
ADS-C – Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
ADS-R – Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Re-broadcast
AGL – Above Ground Level
AI – Aeronautical Information
AIM – Aeronautical Information Management
AIRE – Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions
AMASS – Airport Movement Area Safety System
ANSP – Air Navigation Service Provider
AOC – Airline Operations Center
API – Application Programming Interface
ARTCC – Air Route Traffic Control Center
A-SMGCS – Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
ASDE-X – Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model X
ASAS – Airborne Separation Assistance Systems
ASIAS – Aviation Safety and Information Analysis and Sharing
ASPIRE – Asia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions
ASSAP – Airborne Surveillance and Separation Assistance Processing
ATC – Air Traffic Control
ATCT – Airport Traffic Control Towers
ATIS – Automated Terminal Information System
ATL – Atlanta International Airport
ATM – Air Traffic Management
ATOP – Advanced Technology and Oceanic Procedures
ATOS – Air Transportation Oversight System
ATSAP – Air Traffic Safety Action Program
AWIM – Airport Wide Information Management


C&A – Certification and Authorization
CAASD – Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
CAST – Certification Authorities Software Team
CATIII – Category Three Landing
CATM – Collaborative Air Traffic Management
CAVS – CDTI Assisted Visual Separation
CDA – Continuous Descent Arrival
CDM – Collaborative Decision-making
CDTI – Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CLEEN – Continuous Low Energy, Emissions and Noise
CMD – Commanded Speed
CMU – Communication Management Units
CNS – Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
COI – Communities of Interest
CPDLC – Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
CSMC – Cyber Security Management Center
CSPR – Closely Spaced Parallel Runways


DA – Decision Altitude
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
DME – Distance Measuring Equipment
DoD – Department of Defense
DOJ – Department of Justice


EFB – Electronic Flight Bag
EFVS – Enhanced Flight Vision Systems
EMF – Event Management Framework
EMS – Environmental Management System
ERAM – En Route Automation Modernization
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FAF – Final Approach Fix
FANS – Future Air Navigation System
FAROS – Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal
FAS – Final Approach Speed
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FDMS – Flight Deck-Based Merging and Spacing
FIS-B – Flight Information Services-Broadcast
FMS – Flight Management System
FOC – Flight Operations Centers


GBAS – Ground Based Augmentation System
GLS – GPS Landing System
GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System
GPS – Global Positioning System
GPWS – Ground Proximity Warning Systems


HF – Human Factors
HUD – Head-up Display


IARD – Investment Analysis Requirements Document
ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR – Instrument Flight Rules
ILS – Instrument Landing System
IMC – Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IMEX – Information Management and Exchange
INFOSEC – Information System Security
IRU – Inertial Reference Units
ISS – Information Systems Security
ITP – In-trail Procedure
ITWS – Integrated Terminal Weather System


JPDO – Joint Planning and Development Office


kHz – Kilohertz


LAACS – Logical Access and Authentication Control Service
LAAS – Local Area Augmentation System
LCGS – Low Cost Ground Surveillance
LIDAR – Advanced Light Detection and Ranging
LNAV – Lateral Navigation
LOA – Letter of Agreement
LPV – Localizer-performance with Vertical Guidance


MASPS – Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards
MCP – Mode Control Panel
MDA – Minimum Descent Altitude
MFD – Multi-Function Display
MHz – Megahertz
MIA – Miami International AIrport
MIT – Miles-in-Trail
MPAR – Multifunction Phased Array Radar
MSD – MCP Spacing Display


NAS – National Airspace System
NASEA – NAS Enterprise Architecture
NAVAID – Navigational Aid
NDOT – NextGen Decision Oriented Tools
NEI – Network Enabled Infrastructure
NEO – Net Enabled Operation
NextGen – Next Generation Air Transportation System
NNEW(S) – NextGen Network Enabled Weather (Systems)
NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOTAM – Notice to Airmen
NVS – National Airspace System Voice Switch
NWxP WP1 – NextGen Weather Processor Work Package 1


OAG – Official Airline Guide
OEP – Operational Evolution Plan
OPD – Optimized Profile Descent
OTM4D Pre-Departure – Oceanic Trajectory Management 4-Dimensional Pre-Departure


PARTNER – Partnership for Air Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction
PARC – Performance-Based Operations Advisory Rulemaking Committee
PATA – Personal Air Transportation Alliance
PF – Pilot Flying
PM – Pilot Monitoring


RCP – Required Communications Performance
RIL – Runway Intersection Lights
RIRP – Runway Incursion Reduction Program
RLVs – Reusable Launch Vehicles
RNAV – Area Navigation
RNP – Required Navigational Performance
ROA – Remotely Operated Aircraft
RPAT – Parallel Approach Transition
RPR – Rulemaking Project Record
RSP – Required Surveillance Performance
RTA – Required Time of Arrival
RTCA – Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RWSL – Runway Status Lights


SAAAR – Special Aircrew and Aircraft Authorization Required
SAMS – Special Use Airspace Management System
SBAS – Satellite-based Augmentation System
SBS – Surveillance Broadcast Services
SDSS – Surface Decision Support System
SE – Safety Enhancement
SI – Spacing Interval
SIGMET – Significant Meteorological Information
SIM – Security Information Management
SITS – Security Integrated Tool Set
SME – Subject Matter Expert
SMS – Safety Management System
SOIA – Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach
SSA – Shared Situation Awareness
STA – Scheduled Time of Arrival
STAR – Standard Terminal Arrival Route
STP – Surveillance and Transmit Processing
SUA – Special Use Airspace
SVS – Synthetic Vision Systems
SWIM – System-Wide Information Management


TA – Tailored Arrival
TAWS – Terrain Awareness Warning Systems
TBO – Trajectory Based Operation
TCAS – Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TDLS – Tower Data Link System
TDZE – Touchdown Zone Elevation
TFM – Traffic Flow Management
TFM-M – Traffic Flow Management-Modernization
TFMS – Traffic Flow Management System
TIS-B – Traffic Information Service-Broadcast
TMA – Traffic Management Advisor
TMIs – Traffic Management Initiatives
TOAC – Time of Arrival Control
TOD – Top of Descent
TSA – Transportation Security Administration
TSAFE – Tactical Separation Assisted Flight Environment
TSO – Technical Standard Orders
TTF – Traffic-To-Follow


UAS – Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAT – Universal Access Transceiver
URET – User Request Evaluation Tool


VDL – Very High Frequency Digital Link
VFR – Visual Flight Rules
VHF – Very High Frequency
VLJ – Very Light Jet
VMC – Visual Meteorological Conditions
VNAV – Vertical Navigation


WAAS – Wide Area Augmentation System
WARP – Weather and Radar Processor
WATRS – Western Atlantic Track System
WT – Wake Turbulence
WTMA – Wake Turbulence Management for Arrivals
WTMD – Wake Turbulence Mitigation for Departures

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