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AOPA’s Boyer cites JPDO in lobbying for a “special emphasis” on GA

It might be a slight stretch, but AOPA President Phil Boyer is claiming a shared vision with the JPDO over the future of America’s smaller GA airports. In an open letter to Acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell (press release), Boyer argues for a

special emphasis on preserving and improving America’s general aviation airports [and] increasing all-weather access to those airports

The release goes on to link the AOPA’s goals to statements from the JPDO about airport preservation:

Boyer noted that the Joint Planning and Development Office, which is leading efforts to implement the next generation air traffic control system, has identified the need to preserve the nation’s airport system and called on the FAA to do all it can to help the preservation effort.

“The FAA must build on this visionary work and focus resources on developing plans, policies, and budgets that not only preserve the airports that we have today, but also ensure their future through infrastructure investments.”

Boyer’s letter comes as the AOPA lobbies for changes to the current FAA Flight Plan, an annual document laying out the agencies road map for the next five years.

[Kudos to Aero-news.net for their coverage.]

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