Key players

Agency players:
Mark Andrews – Federal Chair, Weather Working Group, JPDO
Kristen Burnham – Portfolio Management Division Director, FAA
William Davis – Representative for Space and Aeronautics, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Michael B. Donley – Secretary (Acting), Department of Defense
Vincent Capezzutto – Director, Surveillance and Broadcast Services Office, FAA
Tyler D. Duvall – Under Secretary for Policy (Acting), Department of Transportation
Yuri Gawdiak – Interagency Portfolio and Systems Analysis Division, NASA
Peggy Gervasi – Policy Division Director, FAA
Mary Glackin – Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, Department of Commerce/ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Mike Golden – Assistant Administrator, Operational Process & Technology, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, TSA, Department of Homeland Security
Michael D. Griffin – Administrator, NASA
David Kerr – Partnership Management Division Director, FAA
Hank Krakowski – ATO Chief Operating Officer, FAA
Charles A. Leader – Director, JPDO
Jim Linney – Project Manager, SBS Central Service Area, FAA
John Marburger III – Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Jay Merkle – Chief Architect, FAA
Robert Pearce – Deputy Director, JPDO
Gerald F. Pease – Executive Director, DoD Policy Board on Federal Aviation, Department of Defense
Mary E. Peters – Secretary, Department of Transportation
Paul Polski – Director of Strategic Planning and Policy, Operational Process and Technology, TSA, Security Working Group Co-Chair, JPDO, Department of Homeland Security
Herman A. Rediess – Director of Transition, Explosives Division, Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
Claire Robinson – Business Management Division Director, FAA
Michael Romanowski – Director, NextGen Integration & Implementation, FAA
Nick Sabatini – Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, FAA
Robie Samanta-Roy – Assistant Director for Space Aeronautics, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Paul A. Schneider – Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
Jaiwon Shin – Associate Administrator of Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA
John J. Sullivan – Deputy Secretary, Department of Commerce
Pete Verga – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas Security Affairs, Department of Defense
Edgar G. Waggoner – Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Division Director, NASA

The NextGen Institute Management Council:
Ed Bolen – National Business Aviation Association
*Phil Boyer – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Peter J. Bunce – General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Roger Cohen – Regional Airline Association
Bill Connors – National Business Travel Association
*Pete Dumont– Air Traffic Control Association
Pat Forrey– National Air Traffic Control Association
Steve Hampton – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
*Paul G. Kaminski – Aerospace Industries Association
Charles Leader – Joint Planning and Development Office
*James C. May – Air Transport Association
Henry Ogrodzinski – National Association of State Aviation Officials
*John Prater- Air Line Pilots Association
Greg Principato – Airports Council International
– North America
Margaret Jenny – Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
Matt Zuccaro – Helicopter Association International
*Executive Committee Member

NextGen Management Board
Ruth Leverenz – Deputy Administrator (acting)
Hank Krakowski – ATO Chief Operating Officer
Nick Sabatini – Associate Administrator, Aviation Safety
Catherine Lang – Deputy Associate Administrator, Airports
Paula Lewis – Acting Assistant Administrator, Regions and Center Operations
Ramesh Punwani – Assistant Administrator, Financial Services/Chief Financial Officer
Dan Elwell – Assistant Administrator, Aviation Policy Planning & Environment
David Bowen – Assistant Administrator, Information Services & Chief Information Officer
Eugene Juba – ATO Senior Vice President, Financial Services
Victoria Cox – ATO Senior Vice President, NextGen and Operations Planning Services
Rick Day – ATO Vice President, En Route and Oceanic Services
Bruce Johnson – ATO Vice President, Terminal Services
Nancy Kalinowski – ATO Vice President, System Operations Services
Steve Zaidman – ATO Vice President, Technical Operations Services
Robert Tarter – ATO Vice President, Safety Services
Michael Romanowski – Director, NextGen Implementation and Integration Office
Fred Pease – Department of Defense Liaison
Agam Sinha – MITRE Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
Charles Leader – Director, Joint Planning and Development Office
Patrick Forrey – President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Tom Brantley – President, Professional Aviation Safety Specialists

NextGen Review Board
Michael Romanowski – Director, NextGen Integration and Implementation Office (co-chair)
Charles Leader – Director, JPDO (co-chair)
John McGraw – Office of Aviation Safety, Flight Standards Service
Ben DeLeon – Office of Airports
Angela Freeman – Office of Regions and Center Operations
Robert Nassif – Office of Budget
Nan Shellabarger – Office of Aviation Policy, Planning and Environment
Luis Ramirez – ATO En Route and Oceanic Services
Rich Jehlen – ATO Systems Operation Services
Raul Trevino – ATO Terminal Services
Jim Eck – ATO Technical Operations
Maria DiPasquantonio – ATO Financial Services
Jim Williams – ATO Operations Planning, System Engineering
Huan Nguyen – ATO Safety Services
Lourdes Maurice – Office of Environment and Energy
Joe Sinnott – MITRE
Kris Burnham – FAA, ATO-F
Jay Merkle – JPDO, Chief Architect
Jesse Wijntjes – FAA Chief Architect
Diana Young – Office of Information Services
Gisele Mohler – Director, NextGen Planning Staff
Art Politano – Office of Aviation Safety, Air Traffic Safety Oversight
Dan Murphy – ATO Operations Planning, Performance Analysis
Terry Snyder – ATO Communications

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