Other sites

An incomplete but growing list. If we’ve missed yours, please email using the address on the right.


“MyJPDO” blog by the JPDO’s Bob Pearce

Airport Check-in” by Airports Council International – North America (acinablog.wordpress.com)

Kris Flyer” (krisflyer.blogspot.com)

Aero News” (jogjaaero.org)

Aircrew Buzz” (aircrewbuzz.com),
Aircrew Health News” (aircrewhealth.blogspot.com),
Professional Pilot News” (propilotnews.com),
and “Cabin Crew News” (cabincrewblog.com)
all by the prolific Bobbie Sullivan (aircrewbuzz.com)

Airline World” (airlineworld.wordpress.com)

The Flying Penguin” by Mark Rossmore (pinguinomalo.blogspot.com)

Background info / specific technologies

Eurocontrol’s “Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System” site (http://www.eurocontrol.int/airports/gallery/content/public/a_smgcs/index.html)

airport-technology.com – an in-depth content portal for the airport industry featuring news, events, and white papers.

[more to come]

One response to “Other sites

  1. Hi there,

    Just wanted to share with you our new blog, which might be a good resource: http://myjpdo.wordpress.com/

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